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Google Workspace is a set of communication and collaboration apps built for people in organizations. The core Google Workspace communication apps, such as Gmail and Google Meet, are widely used around the world, as are the collaboration apps, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. The collaboration apps have been built from the beginning to allow multiple people to edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation simultaneously.

Accessibility anytime, anywhere

As a cloud-hosted platform, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for business can be accessed 24/7, from any location. As Google Workspace apps are compatible with all browsers, you can also use any device to access your Google Workspace features and content, whether Mac or PC, Android phone or Apple tablet.

Google Workspace has a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its apps, meaning it never has any downtime or scheduled maintenance and you’ll always be able to access your files.

The underlying benefit of Google Workspace’s accessibility is that remote and on-the-go working is fully facilitated. Employees can create documents, collaborate with colleagues in real-time, video call clients or send emails at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Industry-leading enterprise security

the platform works hard to keep your information safe. Google employs rigorous, industry-leading security protocols for both its physical data centers and cloud-hosted operations.

  • 2-Step Verification: If someone signs in from an unrecognised device, the user of the account is immediately sent a text message with a verification code to provide an extra layer of security.
  • State of the art security: “Mission: Impossible” style laser detection and biometrics are just a couple of the ‘top notch’ security measures used to protect Google’s physical data centres.
  • Perfect forward secrecy: All content that moves between Google’s servers and those of other companies is encrypted. For example every email you send or receive is 100% encrypted so it’s safe to open. Admins can also set customized encryption rules for specific content.
  • AI detection of login monitoring: To counteract any suspicious activity, Google will alert admins immediately if it detects new or unusual login behaviour.

Unlimited data

Unlike free Gmail accounts (which give users up to 15GB of free data), with Google Workspace for business you get unlimited data for all your assets such as files, apps, photos, documents and emails.

Google Workspace also provides you with intuitive Data Migration tools and services to help you migrate data securely from your device or office server so you can store and manage all of your data and files in one centralized hub.

If relying on the cloud to keep all your information safe makes you nervous, don’t worry, Google Workspace has several options for further data protection. With Vault, for example, you can manage, search and export your company emails and files to a local device, as well as set retention policies on any archive material. Google Back Up and Sync also allows you to keep a copy of any cloud-hosted data on your device or company server.

 Easy admin governance

Google Workspace’s Admin Console is a power tool that gives managers and business owners greater control over company activity. Using the Admin Panel, users can apply restrictions or conditions on employee accounts, data, devices, verification settings and apps to make sure they’re being used correctly.

The Console’s Reports panel also generates reports on user activity, giving admins key insights into how employees are using Google Workspace for business. In a few clicks, admins can gather useful information such as how much content is being created, which team members are making the most of productivity -enhancing features or who’s device could pose a potential security threat.

Cost effective solutions

There are many ways that Google Workspace can save your company money. You no longer have to buy and maintain company servers and hardware. Security protocols and checks are all taken care of by Google. Collaboration tools mean you can cut down on travel or even office space if you wish. Scaling up and down is easily done. You just pay for another Google Workspace account rather than more software or storage.

On-brand content creation

Third-party integrations are another great benefit of Google Workspace for business, as the platform which plays well with external programmes including CRM solutions and template management platforms such as Templafy.

For example, Templafy and Google Workspace work together to give users everything they need to create smart documents and presentations. Dynamic templates are accessible directly from within Google Workspace apps, pulling through any personalized information, formatting, disclaimers and brand visuals an employee needs to create their document. These dynamic templates drastically cut creation time and result in compliant, well-designed and on-brand documents.

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