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Benefits at Work (Full-Time Only)

Includes working hours & leave, skills development, and quarterly teambuilding activities.

  • Working hours & leave

    • 8.30 a.m - 5.30 p.m
    • All staff will be located in Perai, Peanng
    • Remote work flexibility [require pre-approve]
    • PTO / Unlimited vacation (If not used, increase in salary)
  • Allowance

    • All staff entitled to RM500 allowance for purchasing personal car
    • RM129 for mobile data/internet
    • RM80 for insurance of own choosing
    • Rm4,800 will be allocated fr every 3 years to purchase new laptop
    • Mobile phone for customer facing staff [latest iphone]
    • Yearly increments
  • Others

    • Quarterly teambuilding
    • Yearly vacation based on performance
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